2 Timber construction

This example was originally created by Svein-Rune Kleppe from Bergen University College (HIB) for the "Modern and Traditional Timber Construction H2016" course. We have kindly got the permission to use this example for comparative calculations of timber design software.


    • Check capacity for gluelam beam

      • No buckling on weak axis and torsional buckling (prohibited by deck)

    • Check capacity for gluelam column

      • No buckling on weak axis and torsional buckling (prohibited by wall)

    • Calculate and check deformation against criteria in Eurocode

Input data

For the complete example see attachment.

    • Gluelam GL30C

    • Permanent load 1.2 kN/m2

    • Live load 3 kN/m2

    • Wind load 1.0 kN/m



  • 2021-01-28

    • Deformations split into w.inst, w.fin, w.net.fin

    • FEM-Design: changed loadcombinations, implemented Sc, Sq, Sf

    • WOODExpress: updated with newest software release

  • 2020-09-03

    • Updated results Focus Konstruksjon, FEM-Design, WOODExpress

  • 2016-09

    • first release