As most of structural design companies in the world, NODE rådgivende ingeniører AS has access to a couple of structural design softwares. While some of them are specifically designed in solving a specific problem, we often have access to at least to or three programs, solving the same problem. Quite often the results of these calculations are more or less the same, but sometimes the differences are significant.

This site is intended to show the results of some given examples, which we consider typical for structural designers.

You are free to download the examples for free, make your own calculations or link to those pages. Of course we are open to suggestions for improvements, proposals for new calculation examples, or feedback of any kind.

Just for the records - we do not claim that the calculations are free from errors. The examples are provided as they are, and the results must not be used for anything else as inteded. To promote discussions about implementations of standards, explain differences and engage the structural design community and software providers in a game of questions and answers.

All examples are published under the Creative Common License.

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